Title: Who Died? And Why?

Created by: O'Malley

Tragedy Set: Mystery Zone

Difficulty: 11/10 - Actually Impossible

Description: YOU CAN READ THIS TO YOUR PLAYERS: "Hello. If you have came here, we told you about our note detailing the upcoming... events. you are most likely in the understanding that no matter how hard you try, this mystery is far too difficult for any of our experts to solve. We have no idea what's going on. We've entitled this case therefore by the most prominent question, "Who died? And why?" because we need your help to answer them. We'll need your assistance in uncovering what roles and culprits there are, and convicting whoever is behind this. Judging by the patterns of crime recently, some mastermind is behind all of this. This, if we can find out information, might be the time we catch him. Good luck." -Signed, someone... somewhere

Main Plot: A Quilt of Incidents

Subplot 1: Tricky Twins

Subplot 2: Dance of Fools

Number of Loops: 3-5 (really, depends on how much you want the Protagonists to suffer)

Days per Loop: 8

Hints for Mastermind:
If you are playing this scenario, you should have TONS of experience. Go with your gut and really follow the basic rules. Don't give the Protagonists information, always try to win with the same loss conditions, and recognize them yourself - I'm too lazy right now.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Said I was too lazy.

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Closed Circle Class Rep
Day 2 Serial Murder Henchman
Day 3 Hospital Incident Scientist
Day 4 Increasing Unease Pop Idol
Day 5 Serial Murder Henchman
Day 6 Silver Bullet Police Officer
Day 7 Serial Murder Henchman
Day 8 Suicide Doctor
Cast Role
Mystery Boy Private Investigator
Scientist Fool
Boss (Turf on School) Conspiracy Theorist
Henchman Paranoiac
Class Rep Twin
Doctor Friend
Police Officer Person
Forensic Specialist Person
Pop Idol Person
Girl Student Person


This script is impossible to win during the loops, but it's not a terrible script because the protagonists can win on the final guess. We played 4 loops and the protagonists won on the final guess. I actually thought this was a very enjoyable script to play for both sides. The PI/Twin combo was very exciting and a big surprise for the protagonists.
Justin Karp

Published by Alan Tran