Title: Mystery Vroom

Created by: Justin Karp

Tragedy Set: Mystery Circle

Difficulty: ?

Description: ?

Main Plot: Murder Plan

Subplot 1: Tricky Twins

Subplot 2: Dance of Fools

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Kill Key Person: Pop Idol Kill Friend: Shrine Maiden Killer Ability (Informer)

Special Rule:
Special Incident: Diagonal Destruction 3 (the culprit must kill up to 2 people in the diagonally opposite location)

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Diagonal Destruction 3 Mystery Boy
Day 2 Diagonal Destruction 3 Rich Man's Daughter
Day 3 Diagonal Destruction 3 Forensic Specialist
Day 4 Diagonal Destruction 3 Alien
Day 5 Diagonal Destruction 3 Informer
Day 6 Diagonal Destruction 3 Scientist
Cast Role
Pop Idol Key Person
Police Officer Brain
Informer Killer
Forensic Specialist Twin
Scientist Paranoiac
Alien Fool
Shrine Maiden Friend
Mystery Boy Obstinate
Rich Man's Daughter Person
Patient Person


Published by Alan Tran