Title: Twisted Harem

Created by: Bradley

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: Very Hard

Description: A dark mysterious boy has garnered the attention of all the ladies in town. And many of these ladies have decided to explore his hobby.

Main Plot: Murder Plan

Subplot 1: Circle of Friends

Subplot 2: A Love Affair

Number of Loops: 5

Days per Loop: 7

Hints for Mastermind:
The hospital incident is a bluff, ignore it. This is a power play heavy script where your goal is to kill one of four key characters each loop. The protagonists best chance is to block you. Your best bet for hiding roles for final guess is to use the large cast to obscure who the Killer is. Playing the script: So, the obvious play for day one loop one is diagonal movement for the Mystery Boy. That will reveal two roles for the Protagonists and will save a decent chunk of loop 2 goodwill for the Mystery Boy for them. For loop two, I would say threaten the movement to either have the protagonists waste a forbid movement or to move the Nurse somewhere. Probably play a +1 Intrigue on the Informer and begin building up to use a Murder Incident to kill the Teacher. At this point, you have given the Protagonists likely the main plot due to the obvious nature of the Nurse being the Key person and not a viable choice for Sign With Me as well as there being a Love Affair. That leaves, if you have used the Conspiracy Theorist, three subplots that they can narrow it down to. This is when the Godly Being comes in and the real game begins. As soon as a friend dies and is revealed, even if the protagonists have not used the Informer to get the last subplot, then all roles are revealed that need to be tied to a character. At the beginning of loop 3, assuming everything goes smoothly for the Mastermind, there are 7 characters that still need roles reveal (Pop Idol as conspiracy theorist is likely already revealed) and 4 roles to attach to characters. Two characters are likely to be revealed at some point, bringing the numbers down to 5 and 2. With two characters with role revealing powers and only one character not a student, it is incredibly likely for the protagonists to reveal all the roles by the end of the last loop. Especially since the Mastermind has one goodwill refusal and Pop Idol being an extra source of Goodwill tokens.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Killing Nurse (Key Person) With serial killer, murder incidents, 2 intrigue and being in same location as killer Killing friends with serial killer or murder incident Killing protagonists with 4 intrigue on killer, hospital incident, or Loved One with three paranoia and an intrigue.

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Hospital Incident Nurse
Day 3 Increasing Unease Class Rep
Day 4 Murder Girl Student
Day 5 Murder Shrine Maiden
Cast Role
Mystery Boy Serial Killer
Teacher Lover
Informer Loved One
Nurse Key Person
Alien Friend
Transfer Student Friend (Day 4)
Godly Being Brain (3)
Rich Man’s Daughter Killer
Pop Idol Conspiracy Theorist
Class Rep Person
Girl Student Person
Shrine Maiden Person


Transfer Student is not in Basic Tragedy. i am wondering that, if i remove Transfer Student from the cast, is there any problem on playing this script?

Published by Alan Tran