Title: A Cruel Shrine Maiden's Thesis

Created by: Redless

Tragedy Set: First Steps

Difficulty: 7/10

Description: The Shrine Maiden loves to end the loop on the first day by serial killing the key person in the shrine. It's hard for her to make time in her busy schedule to do this, but tonight she's ready to indulge herself. I hope you like trolling your players by making them deal with this a second time.

Main Plot: A Place to Protect

Subplot 1: Shadow of the Ripper

Subplot 2:

Number of Loops: 3-4

Days per Loop: 4

Hints for Mastermind:
This whole script revolves around missing person. It will let you drag the nurse into the maiden's path, and also let you stack some more intrigue on the school. It's your "easy out", everything else in the script lives in service of it. The first day you should aim to serial kill the nurse. LOL! Gotem. Another loop, drop paranoia on the OW, and move the girl student left. By doing this, you will be in a good spot to MP. If people don't die, stack the school and set to work adding intrigue. If people do die, try to position the shrine maiden alone so that you can MP the nurse over. Another loop, try and stack people in the school and obfuscate who exactly the cultist is. Finally, try and win the final loop via missing person shenanigans, which is surprisingly hard to do. You might consider playing this instead of the first script, or in place of the second script if your players don't mind you crushing their spirits by doing the same BS strat that characterizes the first script, a second time in a row. I believe this is very balanced. But of course you have to contend with the repetition of serial killer if you're playing this after the first script.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Serial Kill Nurse or School Intrigue (Pop Idol can help). You also have emergency button missingperson to fall back on.

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Increasing Unease Office Worker
Day 4 Missing Person Nurse
Cast Role
Shrine Maiden Serial Killer
Class Rep Person
Girl Student Conspiracy Theorist
Nurse Key Person
Patient Person
Pop Idol Cultist
Office Worker Person


Published by Alan Tran