Title: The Destined Murders

Created by: Roberta Yang

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: 8/10

Description: The police receive a series of cryptic letters: mad ravings promising to kill and kill again in accordance with incomprehensible bonds of fate. Unable to find the pattern in the overwhelming wrongness of the messages and receiving no help from the hospital staff, the chief inspector drives himself to frustration chasing ghosts and shadows. The true secret of the letters that makes them so wrong and disturbing is that they were not written by a madman at all, but by a sane man. A calculating, meticulous killer using the apparent serial killings to hide his real objective as he takes aim at his only true target.

Main Plot: The Devil's Hand

Subplot 1: Dice of the Gods

Subplot 2: Witches' Tea Party

Number of Loops: 4-5

Days per Loop: 5

Hints for Mastermind:
Your goal is to make the protagonists believe they are in Fated Connections, with the Mystery Boy as a Ninja. On the first day, move the Police Officer out of the city and, by whatever means you choose, place 2 Paranoia on the Shrine Maiden. The Office Worker should die the first day, and the Shrine Maiden on the second. Use the Conspiracy Theorist at least once during the first loop so the protagonists will know it exists; combined with the Serial Killer and Friend revealing themselves, the exposed roles will be exactly the roles provided by Fated Connections, leading the protagonists down the wrong path. Start the second loop with an extra card on the Office Worker. If the protagonists ask his role while he has that card, he should claim Key Person. You can open the loop by moving the Police Officer out of the city again to make it seem like you are trying to kill the Office Worker, but be careful -- if the protagonists call your bluff and let him die, they will learn they are not in Fated Connections and you will probably lose this loop without the Ninja's power. This time you probably won't get the Shrine Maiden's suicide to work, so your target should be the Boy Student. Make sure you trigger his incident first, since you want the protagonists to believe he isn't a Key Person without an extra card. On days 4 and 5, when the protagonists can't interfere, play Intrigue +2 on the Boy Student and move him to the Office Worker's location, then use the Mystery Boy's incident to move him to that location too. Make sure you trigger the Mystery Boy's incident, as it will make it seem like he is the Ninja. On subsequent loops the Office Worker will no longer have an extra card; if asked his role again, there is no lie you can safely tell and you must simply refuse goodwill. You have loads of roles, but most of them will be exposed by the end of the game. To survive the final guess, hide the Cultist among the Witches. The lie is elaborate and persuasive, but it is also fragile. If the protagonists find any hole in the lie and can pull the thread of logic even a little bit, the lie will collapse and the truth will be exposed.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
1. Use the Ninja's ability to kill the Key Person or the Friend. / 2. Use the Serial Killer's ability to kill the Key Person or the Friend. / 3. Use the Suicide incident to kill the Friend.

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Suicide Shrine Maiden
Day 3 Faked Suicide Boy Student
Day 4 Missing Person Rich Man's Daughter
Day 5 Missing Person Mystery Boy
Cast Role
Boy Student Key Person
Rich Man's Daughter Obstinate
Mystery Boy Immortal
Shrine Maiden Friend
Office Worker Ninja
Police Officer Conspiracy Theorist
Pop Idol Serial Killer
Doctor Witch
Patient Cultist
Nurse Witch


Published by Alan Tran