Title: Flight of the Prisoner

Created by: Roberta Yang

Tragedy Set: Mystery Circle

Difficulty: 4/10

Description: An investigator has stumbled upon the scoop of the century -- a secret government program experimenting on captive aliens. Breaching security, she enables one to escape, but the lab director and his son are hunting them. If the government is able to neutralize the breach before she can reveal the threat she poses to the world, the future will refuse to change. There may be casualties, but the truth of the alien presence must be exposed.

Main Plot: Tightrope Plan

Subplot 1: An Absolute Will

Subplot 2: The Hidden Freak

Number of Loops: 4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
The only way the protagonists can avoid the Tightrope Plan loss condition is with the Day 6 incident. To prevent this, either kill the Alien or trigger the Silver Bullet incident. Keep the Friend alive for at least the first loop, so the protagonists won't know if they lost due to Tightrope Plan or The Black School. You will likely be forced to expose the Scientist's goodwill refusal to avoid raising the EX gauge, so one option is to move the Scientist into the School, place intrigue there using the Brain's ability only while the Scientist is also present, and to otherwise ignore the Killer and Brain's abilities. This will aid you in the Final Guess by making the Scientist look like the Brain, but is a risky bluff. Another is to have the Scientist start with an Intrigue and use a forked intrigue threat between the School and Scientist to activate the Killer's ability, but this may reveal too much information. The only roles you can potentially hide for the Final Guess are the Killer, Brain, and Friend, and with a Serial Killer running around and only eight characters total, hiding the Friend may be a tall order. On later loops, if the protagonists have realized they're in Tightrope Plan, you may want to Forbid Paranoia on the Scientist or the Class Rep at first, to ensure that the day 2 and 3 incidents can't both occur.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
1. EX Gauge below 2 at loop end (Tightrope Plan plot rule) / 2. Kill the Friend (Serial Killer ability, Serial Murder incident, or Bestial Murder incident) / 3. Kill the protagonists (Killer ability)

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Serial Murder Scientist
Day 3 A Suspicious Letter Class Rep
Day 5 The Silver Bullet Boy Student
Day 6 Bestial Murder Alien
Cast Role
Boy Student Brain
Class Rep Serial Killer
Alien Obstinate
Shrine Maiden
Forensic Specialist
Pop Idol
Informer Friend
Scientist Killer


Published by Alan Tran