Title: Tales From The Hunt

Created by: Redless

Posted by: Boy Student

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone

Difficulty: VERY COMPLEX

Number of Loops: 4-5

Days per Loop: 6

Special Rule: Special Rule: contains a custom character (receptionist) and an incident from cosmic mythology. The custom character is the receptionist, a paranoia-limit-2 adult woman who starts in the hospital. She cannot move to the shrine. She has one goodwill ability, which costs 3, and tells the protagonists the name of an incident that she does. If she doesn't do an incident, she has mandatory goodwill refusal regardless of her role.

Day Incident
Day 1 Suicide
Day 2 Hound Dog Scent
Day 3 Conspiracies
Day 4 Breakthrough
Day 5 Breakthrough
Day 6 Serial Murder

Published by Alan Tran