Title: Last Gift of the God of Freedom

Created by: Redless

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: Galaxy Brain

Description: He's locked up, and he's going to ruin everything. He has to be set free to avert the tragedy that's about to occur.

Main Plot: Change of Future

Subplot 1: A Love Affair

Subplot 2: The Hidden Freak

Number of Loops: 5-6

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
Here are a few crazy things you can do to win: 1. hide the serial killer loop 1 (and 2 if they let you) by moving her into the school and suiciding her using the conspiracy theorist (second loop you may need to move Mboy up instead). Then win via patient shenanigans, but use intrigue cards and missing person to bluff giant time bomb, sealed item, and/or sign with me 2. use increasing unease to set off either the loved one, spreading, or butterfly effect, depending on what you need. spreading is good because you can remove goodwill from the time traveler (great). loved one is obviously insanely good. and butterfly effect sometimes needs that little extra push. 3. try to kill the girl student (lover) before the RMD (friend). then you can autowin with the office worker's ability without showing the friend first. This doesn't apply if they already goodwilled OW of course. 4. bluff that the informer, cop, and patient are all cultists. you can lock your protags out of this info until they start pressuring you actively by threatening to win. remember you can use spreading to help deny this info as well. they should be strapped for goodwill between all the crazy abilities that are on the loose (doc, alien, OW, mboy, these two). Anyways, this is your final guess mainstay. 5. don't forget to move the doctor out of the hospital. if you aggressively move him orthogonally to the hospital it's absolutely impossible for them to get him back inside. ideally you do this day 1 of later loops, then they're forced to use his 3-cost ability to deal with butterfly effect. You should basically always do this for the first two loops. 6. use doctor aggressively if you need to, to obfuscate the serial killer. if you can hide SK for 2 loops you're really set 7. the office worker and alien's movement restrictions make him a lot harder to kill. it takes a pretty huge amount of card investment to actually use his ability, and you typically can't do so while keeping the contheorist hidden either. 8. Missing person can allow you to add intrigue to locations (useful for bluffing), kill the RMD (another wincon), and prevent the protagonists from figuring out the time traveler with the serial killer. 9. the most important thing you can do is hide the alien-SK from them for as long as possible. 10. That said, if the SK dies and the mystery boy is already gone, you're in kind of an awkward position. So prioritize saving the mystery boy in later loops.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
Butterfly Effect. Doctor doesn't have enough goodwill (use spreading to help with this). Kill the friend. Loved one kills protagonists.

Special Rule:
Know that there is no godly being in this script.

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Foul evil Boss
Day 2 Suicide Alien
Day 3 Missing Person Rich Man's Daughter
Day 4 Increasing Unease Doctor
Day 5 Spreading Girl Student
Day 6 Butterfly Effect Patient
Cast Role
Doctor Time Traveler
Alien Serial Killer
Office Worker Loved one
Girl Student Lover
Rich Man's Daughter Friend
Boss (Hospital) Cultist
Police Officer Person
Patient Person
Mystery Boy Conspiracy theorist


This script was inspired by the doctor's 3-cost goodwill ability. How could I make it crucial for the protagonists? This motivated doctor as time traveler and alien as serial killer, and patient doing butterfly effect. I then added the other stuff. It's a bit overkill honestly. Here are all the gimmicks in this script: gimmicks: 1. the patient needs to leave the hospital in order to stop BFE 2. spreading can ruin the doctor and motivate an alternate wincon 3. the serial killer suicides early, making it difficult to pick out roles 4. mboy is contheorist, leaking both subplots but making for a vicious contender 5. office worker as loved one unfucks the role 6. missing person works to cause or interrupt serial kills, and to facilitate bluffing loop 1 The one time I tested this, I was running the following changes: informer instead of boss, informer does hospital incident instead of foul evil. I'm thinking of switching the girl student and office worker too, but I'm not sure if that's too imbalanced. The lesson of this script for me is that I may have tried to cram too many tricks and gimmicks in. Maybe it's better to write scripts with "theses" if that makes sense. Very tightly focused explorations of a concept. That's not what this is lol. Good luck.
Boy Student

Published by Alan Tran