Title: Those from Beyond

Created by: CipherCybr

Tragedy Set: First Steps*

Difficulty: Moderate

Description: From the dark they come, living shadows pressed into human form, their hunger for living souls insatiable. The brother, a former forerunner now living life peacefully as a human, and the sister, bloodthirsty and seeking vengeance for being blocked from our world by her sibling. With her summoning by an unwitting shrine maiden, tendrils flow outward from that holy place, touching many with a desire to release the essence of the living for her consumption and empowerment, in the only way they know how: death and desecration.

Main Plot: Light of the Avenger

Subplot 1: Shadow of the Ripper

Subplot 2:

Number of Loops: 3

Days per Loop: 4

Hints for Mastermind:
IMPORTANT: You need the expansion character Illusion to play this script. A tricky script with an overarching win condition, but with a few nasty surprises for the Protagonists to disrupt certain strategies. Your main focus will be intrigue on the Shrine: once that is achieved, damage control to prevent any more information falling into the hands of the Protagonists is key. It might be tempting to have the Mystery Boy (Key Person) killed by the Illusion (Serial Killer) for a quick loop end, however it will reveal the main plot and the role of a wildcard character, so it is best saved for the last loop. One potential early strategy is to move another character into the Shrine and then pump it with Intrigue via the Brain and your cards, to hide both the Brain and the Serial Killer while guaranteeing an early loop win. You should save Incidents for Loop 2, with Missing Person able to add 1 Intrigue to the Shrine, and both the Suicide and Murder able to kill the Key Person as a last resort. You should try to get the Doctor killed if you can, as his Goodwill ability will either force you to block it every turn, or render the Patient's Conspiracy Theorist ability useless.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
(1): The Mystery Boy (Key Person) is dead. <Serial Killer> <Murder> (2) [Loop End]: 2 Intrigue on the Shrine. <Brain's Ability> <Intrigue+ cards> <Missing Person>

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Murder Patient
Day 3 Missing Person Office Worker
Day 4 Suicide Mystery Boy
Cast Role
Doctor Person
Patient Conspiracy Theorist
Shrine Maiden Brain
Illusion Serial Killer
Office Worker Person
Mystery Boy Key Person*
Class Rep Person


Published by Alan Tran