Title: Break through the blockade?

Created by: xinshouzhier

Tragedy Set: Mystery Circle

Difficulty: 4Loop:7/10 5loop:5/10


Main Plot: A Drop of Strychnine

Subplot 1: Smell of gunpowder

Subplot 2: I am a Master Detective

Number of Loops: 4-5

Days per Loop: 5

Hints for Mastermind:
Always use the first day's events(Boss ability)and try to kill friend. Set【paranoia+1】to Boss and Young Girl,use CT‘s ability to Young Girl EVERY DAY,you will win(by 12 Paranoia). Hide KP until the end.Poisoner only kill Boss(undead) or AI itself Special rule is a trap for protagonists. *The protagonist's method of preventing victory*:Day 1 move Boss or 2 characters into school and move heachman out,D2-4 use 3【paranoia -1】,D4-5 use Young Girl's teleport ability and kill any one have paranoia.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
1.Kill friend(SK and Poisoner EX2) 2.12P on the remaining characters(Smell of gunpowder) 3.Kill protagonists(Poisoner EX4) 4.Kill KP(SK and Poisoner EX2)

Special Rule:
Mastermind removes 【paranoia -1】 from hand

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Closed Circle Young Girl
Day 2 Closed Circle Henchman
Day 3 Closed Circle Soldier
Day 4 Closed Circle AI
Day 5 Closed Circle Black Cat
Cast Role
Soldier Person
Black Cat Fool
Shrine Maiden Person
AI Poisoner
Boss(Turf:School) Private Investigator
Journalist Key Person
Office Worker Person
Young Girl Serial Killer
Henchman(Always school) Conspiracy Theorist
Transfer Student(day 2) Friend


Published by Alan Tran