Title: Madness over Madness

Created by: ChrisMaxheart

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: ?

Description: The protagonists are determined to stop the killer in the city, only to be met by more unknown deaths in every corners and alleys. Now all the odds are turned against them, while risking the lives of their friends.

Main Plot: Murder Plan

Subplot 1: Circle of Friends

Subplot 2: Threads of Fate

Number of Loops: 3 or 4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:
(a) Kill Friend using incidents (b) Kill Key Person using incidents (c) Kill Protagonist using Hospital Incident / Killer ability

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Murder Shrine Maiden
Day 2 Increasing Unease Rich's Man Daughter
Day 3 Missing Person Pop Idol
Day 4 Hospital Incident Patient
Day 5 Suicide Office Worker
Day 6 Suicide Godly Being
Cast Role
Patient Killer
Nurse Person
Doctor Friend
Godly Being (Enter in loop 2) Key Person
Shrine Maiden Person
Office Worker Friend
Pop Idol Brain
Rich Man Daughter Conspiracy Theorist
Mystery Boy Factor


Published by Alan Tran