Title: A Battle of Wits

Created by: Dav Flamerock

Tragedy Set: First Steps


Description: This script is designed to introduce the protagonists to the "Final Guess" concept. It should be very difficult for them to simultaneously counter 2 Intrigue onto the Hospital and the School when you have access to the Brain and the Unsettling Rumor abilities (though be careful with revealing the Brain!), but they can use the "Final Guess" to win if they can identify who the Brain is.

Main Plot: Light of the Avenger

Subplot 1: Unsettling Rumor

Subplot 2:

Number of Loops: 3

Days per Loop: 3

Hints for Mastermind:
This is a tricky one for the mastermind, because getting two Intrigue on the School or Hospital isn't enough. If the protagonists can guess the plot and subplot correctly, they'll know that the Brain is either the Rich Man's Daughter or the Boy Student, and if they can guess correctly at the end they'll win. Therefore, this is a game of subterfuge. Use the Conspiracy Theorist aggressively to land paranoia on everybody (it doesn't matter much because every subplot has a Conspirator) so that the Incidents go off repeatedly. Increasing Unease can set up the Hospital Incident while Spreading can prevent the Boy Student from removing paranoia from the Shrine Maiden. Keep the Daughter panicked as much as possible to conceal the culprits of the various incidents.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
2 Intrigue on the School (via the Rich Man's Daughter ability, via Unsettling Rumor)

Special Rule:
This scenario includes the "Final Guess" rule from the core game. If the protagonists don't successfully survive any of the three loops, they can guess the identity of all the roles to still win the game.

Day Incident Culprit
Day 1 Increasing Unease Office Worker
Day 2 Spreading Rich Man's Daughter
Day 3 Hospital Incident Shrine Maiden
Cast Role
Rich Man's Daughter Brain
Boy Student
Police Officer
Office Worker Conspiracy Theorist
Shrine Maiden


Published by Alan Tran