Title: Vetinari Gambit

Created by: beatstopper

Posted by: beatstopper

Tragedy Set: Basic tragedy

Difficulty: ?

Number of Loops: 4-5

Days per Loop: 4-6

Special Rule: Alternating loops: the days in a loop alternate between four and six days, with odd loop numbers having four days and even loop numbers on six

Day Incident
Day 1 (day 4, loop 1, 3, 5) Far away murder,
Day 2 Loop 2&4, day 1: Increased unease
Day 3 Loop 2&4, day 3, Missing person
Day 4 Loop 2&4, day four, Hospital incident
Day 5 Loop 2&4, day five increased unease
Day 6 Loop 2&4 day six, Suicide

Published by Alan Tran