Title: The Red Fog

Created by: ZenKristoffer

Tragedy Set: First Steps

Difficulty: 7/10

Description: For this script, if played right, gives a handicap for the protagonists as the mastermind will have more options to win. When to reveal a characters role is the key. This was created by my 11 year old nephew who has a knack for mystery plots. Please do enjoy.

Main Plot: A Place to Protect

Subplot 1: Shadow of the Ripper

Subplot 2:

Number of Loops: 3

Days per Loop: 5

Hints for Mastermind:
Keep the Nurse's role hidden as long as it takes as she is a key component in this script. Keep in mind that the Serial Killer can be used both by you and the Protagonists' advantage.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
* 2 intrigue in School * Kill the Key Person * Kill Protagonists during Hospital Incident * Kill the Friend

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Murder Patient
Day 3 Increasing Unease Boy Student
Day 4 Faraway Murder Class Rep
Day 5 Hospital Incident Nurse
Cast Role
Doctor Key Person
Nurse Cultist
Patient Person
Shrine Maiden Serial Killer
Office Worker Person
Police Officer Conspiracy Theorist
Boy Student Friend
Class Rep Person


"Friend" can't exist unless ”A Hideous Script" is selected as subplot.

I win

Wondering that if i change the role of boy student to "person", is this script still work...

Published by Alan Tran