Title: Battle Royale - Tragedy Looper Edition

Created by: Res_kun

Posted by: Res_kun

Tragedy Set: First Steps

Difficulty: 8/10

Number of Loops: 5/6

Days per Loop: 4

Special Rule: Any characters with THREE intrigue dies instantly (Bomb Collar explodes). Do not wait until the end of the day. Any location with THREE intrigue kills everyone in the location and those who enter it (Forbidden Zone). Each Player deck and Mastermind deck receives ONE extra card (comes with the game, Extra Card A, B, C, and D). Extra cards are infinite usage of MINUS or PLUS one intrigue for both players and mastermind. It is the person's choice, and may be played on either character or location. Players' Forbid Intrigue and Extra Card do not cancel each other and may be used together. However, the same cancel rule still applies when TWO Forbid Intrigue are on the board. Forbid Intrigue may be used to cancel out a Mastermind's Extra Card. A Player's Extra Card may be used to cancel out a Mastermind's Extra Card.

Day Incident
Day 1 Increasing Unease
Day 2 Murder
Day 4 Murder

Published by Alan Tran