Title: Summoning the Old Ones

Created by: Seiji-kun

Tragedy Set: Midnight Zone


Description: untested

Main Plot: Fated Connections

Subplot 1: Dice of the Gods

Subplot 2: Worshippers of the Apocalypse

Number of Loops: 3-4

Days per Loop: 6

Hints for Mastermind:

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
1) Killing Key People created by Fated Connections/Dice of the Gods 2) Killing the Friend

Special Rule:
Mastermind removes forbid goodwill from hand

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Conspiracies Shrine Maiden
Day 3 Serial Murder Girl Student
Day 4 Uproar Police Officer
Day 5 Suicide Rich Man's Daughter
Day 6 Confession (faked) Alien
Cast Role
Doctor Person
Rich Man's Daughter Friend
Alien Obstinate
Girl Student Person
Godly Being (3) Serial Killer
Forensic Specialist Serial Killer
Mystery Boy Ninja
Patient Prophet


Published by Alan Tran