Title: Infiltration

Created by: O'Malley

Tragedy Set: First Steps

Difficulty: 2/10

Description: A script meant for beginners focusing on some of the less explained mechanics as teaching them.

Main Plot: Light of the Avenger

Subplot 1: A Hideous Script

Subplot 2:

Number of Loops: 3, 4 if your players aren't very good.

Days per Loop: 5

Hints for Mastermind:
This is a Coverup Script. For your Main Plot, you want to bluff ‘A Place to Protect.’ Have one of your characters always refuse Goodwill (to act as the Cultist) and have the others always accept it. This will confuse your opponent. Hiding a Key Person is much harder, but possible. Outside of the Hospital Incident, there is no way to kill characters, so that might help. You may want to let the characters trigger the Doctor’s Goodwill Ability and save the Patient in the first few loops. If he dies and the Protagonists make it to the end of Day 5, they will immediately realise that he is the Friend meaning it must be a Hideous Script. You can bluff either of the other two subplots by just using the Conspiracy Theorist and making sure two characters are never in the same region alone together. If you are really desperate, using the Brain’s ability to simulate an Unsettling Rumor can help.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
2 Intrigue on the School at the end of the loop The Patient (Friend) is dead at the end of the loop The Protagonists are killed in the Hospital Incident

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Missing Person Girl Student
Day 3 Spreading Class Rep
Day 4 Missing Person Police Officer
Day 5 Hospital Incident Doctor
Cast Role
Class Rep Person
Girl Student Conspiracy Theorist
Rich Man's Daughter Brain
Shrine Maiden Person
Police Officer Curmudgeon
Office Worker Person
Informer Person
Doctor Curmudgeon
Patient Friend


Thanks! I hadn't noticed that. I changed the culprit to the Police Officer, who is much harder to trigger. I also totally forgot about the fact that there isn't a Final Guess in First Steps, which is a major thing to consider.

The Mastermind can always win this script.
Emily Karp

To expand on Emily's comment: Since the Doctor is a Curmudgeon and the Girl Student is a Conspiracy Theorist, the Protagonists effectively have no Paranoia removal beyond their Paranoia -1's, which have a maximum play rate of 1/day. So, you can get the Girl Student to Paranoia Limit by Day 4 easily, and also have the Rich Man's Daughter either trigger her incident on Day 2 or use her Mastermind ability to put Intrigue on the school: the protagonists can't both play a Paranoia -1 on her and move her out of the School on Day 1. So you can guarantee two Intrigue on the School.
Augustin-Louis Cauchy

Published by Alan Tran