Welcome! is dedicated to hosting custom scripts for the board game "Tragedy Looper", designed by Bakafire and published by Z-man Games.

Tragedy Looper is a time-loop deduction board game. A mastermind will unfold a mystery while the Protagonists try to figure out what is going on. The game comes with tools to help you build your own custom scripts. The website features separate, spoiler-free views for both Protagonists and Masterminds.

The website is fully responsive, to allow for an easy mobile viewing experience.

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Title Difficulty Tragedy Set Created_by Last Updated ▲
United We Fall Easy First Steps ChrisMaxheart 2020-12-25 16:06:57 UTC
death before alive normal Basic Tragedy Aster Mentha 2021-02-05 06:41:22 UTC
Responsible Women Lowish Basic Tragedy Kitsunin 2021-10-03 09:33:27 UTC
The Ubiquitous, Yet Unseen Treasure Low-Moderate Basic Tragedy Chronicle [RealBernkastel] 2022-02-08 12:42:22 UTC
The Outsider's Wish Moderate Basic Tragedy Chronicle [RealBernkastel] 2022-02-10 14:51:53 UTC
School Days Untested Basic Tragedy Test 2022-07-23 05:20:42 UTC

Published by Alan Tran