Title: Confined

Created by: speter79

Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy

Difficulty: 5/10

Description: This is a fun script that uses misdirection to mislead the Protagonists about the main plot.

Main Plot: Change of Future

Subplot 1: Unsettling Rumor

Subplot 2: The Hidden Freak

Number of Loops: 5

Days per Loop: 5

Hints for Mastermind:
Loop 1: The goal of this loop is to misdirect the characters into thinking the main plot is The Sealed Item. Move as many characters as you can into the Shrine and place two intrigue on the Shine using the Cultist to neutralize Forbid Intrigue if necessary. You can even put on an intrigue the Shrine using the Mastermind ability from An Unsettling Rumor to make it appear that there is a Brain in the Shrine, when in fact there is no Brain in the script. The Protagonists will lose due to lack of goodwill on the Time Traveler but they may think it is due to the intrigue on the Shrine and The Sealed Item. The danger for the Mastermind is having the Doctor revealed as the Serial Killer. Try to keep him around lots of people so he doesn’t kill anyone.

Victory Conditions for Mastermind:
•Two goodwill or fewer on the Patient (Time Traveler) at the end of the loop.

Special Rule:

Day Incident Culprit
Day 2 Increasing Unease Shrine Maiden
Day 3 Suicide Girl Student
Day 5 Hospital Incident Patient
Cast Role
Informer Person
Police Officer Person
Mystery Boy Lover
Patient Time Traveler
Doctor Serial Killer
Boy Student Friend
Girl Student Cultist (Mandatory Goodwill Refusal)
Shrine Maiden Conspiracy Theorist
Alien Person


Published by Alan Tran